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7 Reasons to Writing

So if you too, like me, mean writing as a non-private writing, but rather to spread through publication, you cannot disregard what awaits you out there, after having put the ideas that you were talking about into words black and white .

Writing to publish is a very serious business, so you might decide it’s not for you. In fact, I really want to list the 7 main reasons why I think you should stop writing.

Reason # 1: to write, wait for inspiration

If you think that writing is a divine gift, a golden rain falling from the sky to touch the lucky ones, or a flash that pierces the creative sky of the most sensitive, then let it be, stop writing immediately.

All the greatest writers confirm it: ideas can be the result of inspiration, but good writing is the result of study and application.

The greatest source of inspiration is the reality that surrounds you and the imagination is stimulated and developed through exercises and constant application.

Reason # 2: you don’t like reading

If you want to become a great writer but don’t like to read, you haven’t read the great classics and neither do contemporary books interest you, then forget it, stop writing immediately.

To learn to write well, one must read a lot, for pleasure, of course, but also for study, to learn from others through their example.

If you don’t have time to read, you have no time (or tools) to write. That’s all. (Stephen King)

Reason # 3: you don’t like re-writing

If you think that what you write is good as it comes out of your pen spontaneously, or if you think your book is perfect and does not need an external look, then let it be, stop writing immediately.

There is no good writing without a profound rewrite. So if you don’t like to take back what you’ve written to review and correct it, or if you don’t think it’s necessary to entrust your text to an expert for professional editing, then the road to publication is not for you.

There is no great writing, only a great rewrite. (Justice Brandeis)

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There is no great writing, only a great rewrite. Justice Brandeis

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Reason # 4: you have no patience

If you plan to write a book and within a few months become rich and famous, then let it be, stop writing immediately.

Success is a castle that is built little by little, brick by brick.

When you hear about a new rookie who has had great success and who has sold millions (!) Of copies, get well informed, look for the story and you will discover that that last book, yes, is having a good success, but that behind there is a path made of failed attempts, of collected waste, of obstacles and unforeseen events, faced and overcome with stubbornness and perseverance.

The easiest thing in the world is not to write. (William Goldman)

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The easiest thing in the world is not to write. (William Goldman)

Reason # 5: you can’t handle criticism

If you want to write and publish your book but you think everyone will like it and everyone will talk about it well, then let it be, stop writing right away.

Publishing a book means making it public, and therefore inevitably subjecting it to the judgment of others.

If you have the right to publish a book, the reader has the right to express his opinion on what you have written. If you are not ready to accept this “freedom” exchange, then publishing a book is not for you.

Express your thoughts in a concise manner so that it is clearly read, so that it is understood, in a picturesque way so that it is remembered and, above all, exactly so that readers are guided by its light. (Joseph Pulitzer)

Reason # 6: you don’t like to relate to others

If you want to write and publish a book, but then you don’t want to be known, you don’t want to relate to the public and you don’t want to “get your hands dirty” in the arena of editorial promotion, then let it be, stop writing right away.

The role of the writer today is a public role and if you want to reach an ever increasing number of readers, going beyond the restricted circle of friends and relatives, you have to “put your face”, that is, you have to work hard to make yourself and others known. your book.

Regardless of the way you choose to publish.

For writing I did everything, even reduced to living. (Aldo Busi)

Why write is for everyone, publish no.

Reason # 7: you think your talent is enough

If you think you have a talent for writing, because maybe they told you that you write well, and you think that this is enough to write a book and publish it, so, immediately, let it be, stop writing right away.

It is likely that you have some talent, I do not doubt it: maybe you are good at building compelling story lines, or you can describe an environment with a few essential touches, or, again, you can outline credible characters, but writing a book is a complex process and requires varied skills that are acquired with time and experience.

Talent, therefore, if it is good, but not enough. We need determination and a desire to improve through constant re-reading and re-writing exercises.

In the end, humility and passion are needed.

Glory and merit of some is writing well; and others do not write at all. Jean De La Bruyère

Here are therefore 7 valid reasons why you should stop writing, because obviously you have started on the road of writing with the wrong attitude or with false expectations.

Better to stop and re-evaluate your choice with objectivity and maturity.

And remember that to stop writing is not a failure, to persevere with presumption yes.